Can I register as a non-binary participant?

Yes, you may choose “Non-Binary” under Gender at registration. Starting in 2022, Berbee Derby race results will display three gender categories (male, female, and non-binary) for both in-person and virtual race results. One medal will be awarded in the non-binary category. 

If you have already registered and would like to change your gender selection, please contact us directly and we will assist you.

*Only results from 2022 onward will display an updated gender. Gender associated with previous years can not be updated.

I registered for one race, but now I’d like to do the OTHER distance. May I switch races?

You may not make a change to a team registration after team close which is usually in late October.  You can make a change to the distance if you are running as an individual.  You can do this via email or at packet pick-up.

You are free to run either race with the bib you obtain at packet pick-up — but if you decide to change to the other distance, note that your timing will not be correct.

I want to field a team, but some people want to do the 5k and others want to do the 10k, and others want to walk. Is this OK?

Yes, but be aware that your team will NOT be eligible to compete for the team awards unless there are at least five people running in the same category/distance. To be eligible for team awards, at least five members must be registered under the same race category. Teams are eligible to win under both race categories (10K and 5K) only if at least five members are registered under both race categories. If your team does not wish to compete for awards you still must have five team members but you are free to have these members in any or all race categories.