run with A team or run alone – same price

We all know teams are a super fun and big part of the Berbee Derby. And we know everyone who has been a part of a team wants team registration to be as easy as (pumpkin) pie.

So we have listened, and have made the process to manage a team as simple as it can get.

Here’s how it works...

Each team must select a “Team Captain”. This team captain does just a bit of organizing to recruit members.

Team Management Features (accessed through your RunSignUp account):​

  1. Share Team Page — Once you register and create your team, you have a Team Page you can share. Upload a picture and share on Facebook, Twitter and E-mail. Friends and family will be directed to the page where they can see who else is on the team (if you share that info), they can join and even share with others.
  2. Receive instant email notification when a new team member signs up.
  3. View Team Roster (full member listing).
  4. Communicate directly with members on team specific details (i.e. where to pick up team packets, where to meet on race day etc.) 

The bottom line is team registration is easier than ever for the Berbee Derby. So get your awesome team – and theme – together today!

Who Can Form a Team?

Any group, organization, or business can form a team for the Berbee Derby and receive their team name printed on the back of their Berbee Derby T-Shirt.

Team members may run virtually, though we will not collect times for virtual runners, and their team will not qualify for an award  If you are planning to participate as a virtual team member, you are not guaranteed delivery of your shirt and special gift by Thanksgiving Day.

Note: There is a limit of 40 characters for team names. (And please keep it clean—this is a family event!)