Do 100% of the Berbee Derby proceeds go to charity?

This is absolutely true.  And this makes the Berbee Derby very different from other Thanksgiving Day races out there. The reality is that today, most races are run by for-profit companies for the benefit of the owner. But NOT the Berbee Derby. We focus on our community, and 100% of Berbee Derby proceeds go to an amazing organization, the Technology Education Foundation. (In case you were wondering, yes, we do love profit, but we just happen to give all ours to a very meaningful charity.)

How do you keep your race so affordable? Aren’t there added fees that will added in to this amount?

First of all, YES, our race is very affordable and that is one of our goals, so NO there are no additional or hidden processing fees that will be added to our registration fee.  
How do we do it? We are a completely for-charity organization – we are not a for-profit entity.

We have a whole slew of AMAZING volunteers who donate their time and talents to the cause, which enables us to

  • hold an amazingly fun and well-organized event
  • keep the cost as low as it is, and
  • give 100% of proceeds to charity

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