Announcing the Birdie Derby!

2023 marks the 20th, and final, year of the Berbee Derby. It’s been a great run, with over $2 million dollars raised for technology education in our community. We plan to put on the best Berbee Derby ever this final year. Starting in 2024, the race will be managed by Tri 4 Schools and will be named the “Birdie Derby.”

The community embraced the Berbee Derby, and we worked hard to put on a quality event at a family-friendly price. Hundreds of volunteers have given up their Thanksgiving morning to support the operation of the race. Importantly, much of the success of the race is due to our generous sponsors, many of which have been with us since the beginning. Our thanks to the community, our volunteers, and our sponsors.

What was TEF able to accomplish?

The Technology Education Foundation awarded grants to community organizations and groups that provide technology resources and education to residents – especially those who help close the technology gap. TEF funds benefit children, teens and adults of all ages who do not have access to or have only limited access to technology. 100% of the Berbee Derby proceeds were applied to this foundation. Because of the success of the Berbee Derby raised over 2 million dollars over the last 20 years.

Why Tri 4 Schools?

During the past year, Berbee Derby leadership have been evaluating charitable organizations to take over the event. Starting in 2024, Tri 4 Schools will be operating the Thanksgiving morning race with its new name. Just like the Berbee Derby, Tri 4 Schools supports the health and wellness of kids inside and outside the classroom. Since Tri 4 Schools already hosts events, they know the effort it takes to continue the quality tradition of the Berbee Derby.


“The Berbee Derby has been a source of pride for me these past 20 years. I’ve worked with selfless individuals who have donated their expertise, time, and treasure. Area companies have embraced our efforts and donated generously. Rising at 4 am on Thanksgiving morning is rewarded with seeing the smiles as people mingle, stretch, drink coffee, and get ready for the run. Thank you for participating in the Berbee Derby. I wish you good health and an active Thanksgiving.”

Jim Berbee

Founder, The Berbee Derby and The Technology Education Foundation



Feeding Local Minds

Did you know that 100% of proceeds from the Berbee Derby go to the Madison-based Technology Education Fund (TEF)? TEF benefits area children, teen and adults who do not have access to computers, software, and many other technology resources.